Winter to Spring

If you are like me, winter is a hard season to get through. Winter is cold; biting and can be harsh at times. It is colorless and barren looking, save for the pine trees that stay green and the bright red feathers of the cardinals that frequent my feeders. Winter can, at times, usher in periods of isolation, times of unhappiness, and depression. Just as it is with the season of winter during the year, we all will experience a “winter season” in life as well. Times when we face the cold, biting circumstances of life. Times when we feel alone; where joy and happiness escape our day. These times in life are hard to get through, but if we have allowed ourselves to be rooted deep in the love and care of God, just as sure as Spring follows Winter in the year, a time will come when new life emerges with the hope of joy and vibrancy in our own lives.

Look at the trees who stand tall throughout the winter season with their roots running deep in the ground and the flowers who lie beneath the cold, hard earth all relying on the care and provision of God to get them through the winter season with what they need to survive. His provision often comes through what we may see as harsh; the piles and piles of snow. However, snow brings important nutrients to these plants and often it blankets the ground above the roots creating a barrier against the hard freezing temperatures. As the temperatures begin to warm and the sun begins to shine down, new life emerges. Pops of color unfolds bringing joy and hope of newness that warms our hearts. The winter season begins to fade and in its place, a season of hope, joy, love, and vibrancy breaks free. Is your heart still struggling with the “winter season” of life or has new life begun to emerge? Are the roots of your heart planted deep in God’s love and care? God may allow what seems harsh to you in life, but He often does this to grow you in character, to mature you in your faith. You can trust, however, that His “winter season” is always temporary. In the Song of Songs 2:11-13 (MSG), it tells us “Look around you: Winter is over; the winter rains are over, gone! Spring flowers are in blossom all over. The whole world’s a choir – and singing! . . . Oh, get up, dear friend, . . .leave you’re seclusion, come out in the open.” Springtime is here, my friends! Throw open your heart and begin to sing of the newness of life.

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