Holding Fast To The Only Anchor That Saves

Hebrews 6:18-20

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By lcwhitaker318@gmail.com | September 15, 2023

Yesterday, a friend with beautiful gardens, invited me to come and pick any of her flowers as she was going to be leaving town for a few months. So, naturally, I accepted her invitation. Walking through her gardens, I began to slow down and really look at the design, the color, and the uniqueness of…


By lcwhitaker318@gmail.com | July 4, 2023

How much do you know or remember about the day of freedom that we celebrate on July 4th? Has this day become just a day off work or school? A day where you get to go to the beach or have cookouts with family and then view the fireworks that your town displays? When is…


By lcwhitaker318@gmail.com | March 21, 2023

Traveling to Europe, I have visited many castles that had once stood as mighty fortresses, but now only whisper of a time when kings and queens walked the halls, their eyes and ears open for signs of insubordination. Many of these castles had, in strategic places, a watchtower where trusted men would be placed round…