Here you will find a collection of my books as well as compilations featuring my work.

Dropping Anchor: Navigating the Waters of Life Through God's Love

-Publish Date: March 30, 2021


"How long can this be happening? I thought we talked about this God." "When, will this end? How long do I have to wait?" "I just can't do this anymore, I'm done." Have any of these questions or statements slipped from your lips? In our lifetime, we will find ourselves trying to navigate through one type of water or another. We will either be white knuckling it as we fight to survive a major life storm, or we will be smooth sailing, content with how our life (is at the moment). We will either be sitting in still waters, waiting for the wind to stir and move us forward, or we will be dry-docked feeling the pain and discomfort of maintenance work, or personal changes. At some point, in your travels across these waters, one or more of these questions or statements will find their way to verbal presence.

Everyone hooks themselves to something in hopes that they will survive whatever circumstance in life they are dealing with. Whether you have received a devastating diagnosis from the doctor or lost a beloved child, had a relationship dissolve right before your very eyes or had a child in form you they are entering the military, what you choose to cling to during these times could mean the difference between either life and death.

Dropping Anchor will walk you through each of the water of life and reveal to you only the anchor that is sure and firm, the only anchor that can sustain you tin every one of them. In this book, you will learn of a stronghold that is beyond anything you have ever encountered and one that can hold you regardless of the situation you find yourself in. As you read, you will be encouraged to hold fast to this anchor as you journey through life's different waters until you pull into your final destination port and drop anchor for the last time-home.

Whispers of Grace - Volume 2

Collection of stories, devotions, poems & prayers from various authors

-Publish Date: October 12, 2020


Can you hear it? Life often gets in the way of us hearing it - the roar of doubt, fear and despair drown out the still small voice. But if we tune our ear to hear, it is there. Whispers of grace come to us when we lend our ear to the movements of God in our struggles, in our everyday lives, and in our hearts. May these stories, prayers, and poems create in you a desire to listen for the whispers of grace in your own life.