As the leaves on the trees begin to change into a beautiful array of color and then lose their grip and begin to fall, a sense of change fills the air. The fragrance and beauty of the summer flowers fade and what once was a visual garden of delight has now become a tomb where the seeds rest and sleep.

All of these changes are signs that point to something that tells us that the world around us is about to be transformed. The chill in the air will usher in a period of time where creation will slumber, waiting to be awakened in new life. Do you see it? Do you see how creation is pointing to something?” Creation is a sign. It is not the “thing” that it points to, it is the avenue God uses to point to himself. When I travel to Florida in the winter, there are lots of signs that point me to my destination. These signs are not the destination themselves, they just point me to it. When God designed his creation, he did it so that everything in it would point to him. It is when the seasons change that I see it the most. How does the change of seasons (Creation) point to God? After Jesus’ death, his body was buried and rested for a time. After three days, that same body was awakened and burst forth with new life. It will be the same for us when we die. Our bodies will be laid to rest, but when Christ returns, he will awaken them and call them forth in new life.

As the winter months or the “rest period” drag on, anticipation for the Spring begins to build. An excitement to see new life break through the ground and begin to decorate our world in color once again fills our minds. For the Christian, it is much the same. As we say goodnight to the life we see now, we begin to shift our thoughts to the time when that life will be made new. We begin to watch eagerly for the right signs that point us to our long-awaited destination. It is important to remember though that the creation itself will never be able to give you what only the Creator can. Creation only points to what the Creator can give; it only points to His power to give new life. It is up to you to follow it. What signs are you following? Are they pointing you in the right direction?

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