Dropping Anchor

It has been almost a year since my book was released and though I am excited about the work God has given me in accomplishing this, I must admit that I suffered from a “lack of worth syndrome.” God had given me a love for writing that I can trace back even to my elementary days, but because I was not on some grand stage like other sisters in Christ were, I didn’t think my “little” accomplishment was “worthy” to be promoted. As I shared this with close friends, the phrase “keep your eyes on your own stage” was born. I thought on this for a while that afternoon but then moved on to other things. However, God was not so quick to dismiss my conversation. The next morning, during my devotion time, He took me to 1 Corinthians 3:5-8. He reminded me that He gives each of us different work to do for His kingdom and though it may look different from one person to another, it all is important. “Each did the work the Lord gave us” (verse 5). Through Paul, God continued, “It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow.” We all are working for the same purpose, whether we are on a big stage or a small one, and God reminds us here that “both will be rewarded for their own hard work” (verse 8).

I am humbled that God would use me at all to share His glory and His kingdom with others. This book began as a reminder for me, of all the different waters of life that God has walked me through and the way He grew and stretched me in my faith. It was a reminder of what I had to look forward to; what is still yet to come as a reward for choosing to walk with Him in life here as I wait. This book was all a reminder of these things so that, as I began a journey with sons in the military, I would have courage and hope in the Anchor that God has already given me, in the face of fear. Sharing these very personal stories with the world was a scary thing to contemplate, but then again, God, the author of all stories within stories, writes them with the express purpose of being shared. It is within these stories that His glory is magnified. So, yes, this is my first solo book and no, I am not on a grand stage, but God has given me my own stage to stand on to proclaim the work He is doing. It is valuable work; He sees it as worthy to promote.

What has God called you to do? Whether it is just sitting with a friend on a back porch, listening and loving them as they spill their hurting heart to you, or writing a book, or becoming the next Billy Graham, it is ALL important and valuable in God’s eyes. Trust Him in what He gives you to do, for He will equip you to do it; to accomplish completely, the purpose He had in mind. Don’t underestimate your worth!

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