When you think of the word “epic,” what comes to mind? Is it a view in nature that stirs your soul, or a race or ride that sends a massive amount of adrenaline coursing through your veins? Does the word “epic” describe an event you have recently attended or the achievement of a plan you have worked so hard to accomplish? I have pondered this word for the last few months in preparation for our fall women’s ministries at our church, and this morning, an epiphany lit my mind. In talking with our Director of Women’s Ministries about how I would like to, as the Coordinator of Women’s Bible Studies, use the theme of “EPIC” for our fall lineup, she was excited, but then said to me, “If you are going to use the word, “epic,” then you need to make it epic! Since then I have pondered what “epic” means, what does it look like? The definition of “epic,” in the way we usually use it today is actually a slang word to mean something great or awesome. In its original definition, “epic” was a type of long poem or story that recounted a legendary or historical hero (Think Odyssey or the Iliad).

Thinking over this original definition of the word led me to think of “epic” in a whole new light. I didn’t need massive balloon bouquets or decorations that made people “feel” like our fall Bible Study was going to be epic. I didn’t need to create an “epic” atmosphere for the women, because truthfully, I can’t. There is only one person who can create what we would call “epic;” Jesus. He is the hero whose legendary story is recounted. It is Jesus who already has provided us with epic visuals to stir our soul and get us excited about his word. As I began to recount His legendary works, “epic” began to build. He created all we see with just words. He pooled together all the great oceans and seas and set their boundaries where their massive waves must end. He created man from just dust and now he knits together each person in a womb, fashioning them with such uniqueness for His glory. He gives us our breath of life. He designed the great mountains that we stand in awe of, but with a single word, He can topple them. Jesus gave flight to the majestic eagle, allowing them to navigate the currents of the air with just the slightest adjustments of their feathers as they spread their wings. The oceans and seas team with the largest of creatures who move weightlessly; gracefully, through the deep and then surface to give glimpses of His epic work.

Yes, our Hero has given us many visuals to stir our souls but there is more to His epic story that confounds even the wisest of people. His story has an epic event that has shaken our world to its very core. A story of love, redemption; a heroic save! Our Hero put himself in the line of fire to save us. With His arms outstretched, He shielded us from the very arrows of death that were aimed at you and me. It was His “epic” love that drove Him to the cross for our sake, but that wasn’t the end. He came back! He defeated the one who brought these arrows of death in the first place and He rose in such epic power, creating a new thing that would connect us, once again, to God. Oh yes, epic indeed! However, His epic works were not done. As if anything could top that, He takes His power further. He sends His Spirit to live inside all who see His epic love and power for what it is and chooses to believe with their whole heart in who He is. I sit back in awe; my heart and soul are moved. Nothing I had been thinking of using to create an epic atmosphere even comes close to what God has already displayed. Opening the pages of this legendary and historical story, sifting through and studying every word will in itself create an epic atmosphere, one that is Exciting, Prayerful, Inspirational, and Christ-Centered (EPIC). Are you ready to experience EPIC?

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