Throughout the history of kings and queens, it has been written and told of the importance of being a part of or having access to the royal courts. It was prestigious, you were looked upon as someone of importance if you had that access. People would manipulate and maneuver themselves in life through arranged marriages and deceit just so they could be seen in the royal courts. It was all about the advantages and the wealth and the influence a person obtained once they had a position inside the house of the Royals. It was a very big deal! There was a movie made in 1998 called “A Cinderella Story” with Drew Barrymore. I loved the scene where she dressed up like the Countess DeLongcrae to gain access to the royal courts in order to save a dear friend from being shipped to the America’s. The plan was hatched through deceit, and once she arrived at the entrance to the courts her lie snowballed before the Prince, who became quite taken with her. She found favor in the eyes of the Prince and so he granted her the request to retrieve her “servant” aka her dear friend. This Cinderella story was indeed a fairytale, but there is a tiny bit of truth in it.

There is a King who’s royal courts hold such honor and wealth. Those who find themselves in this King’s court will find that He bestows upon them much favor an honor. He lavishes upon them every good thing and he holds nothing back. Even the smallest of positions in this King’s court reaps these blessings. The amazing thing is that each and every person has the opportunity to be a part of this King’s court if they so choose. The King only asks that if you desire to dwell in his courts, then you must commit to following and trusting him. Pledge him your heart and soul. Psalm 84:10-12 gives us this assurance: “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God (my King) than dwell in the tents of the wicked. For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. O Lord Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you.” So the question is, “would you rather live in the courts of the King with all of its opulence and favor, or would you rather dwell in a tent full of wickedness?”

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